Ilona Budzbon Studio | About Me
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This is how I work ….

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About … me:
Ilona Budzbon
Ilona Budzbon Marcinkowski

Hi, my name is Ilona. I am an independent photographer, filmmaker, editor and finally a storyteller, documenting life of people around the world.

Primarily I am focused on telling stories about humanitarian issues so I cooperate with the NGO creating stories that inspire hope and connect with donors.

I photographed and filmed sea gypsies in Thailand, porters on the Himalayan trails, jungle and its inhabitants in Asia and South America, life of monks hermits, canoeists on wild rivers and people living in the conflict zones and difficult countries: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Israel and Palestine during the conflict, Egypt during the revolution and religious conflicts and many more.

I am happy when I can participate in an important event of human life: births, weddings, etc.

My photographs and films are published all over the world. I am represented by Getty Images and Istockphoto.

In addition to photography and film, I am a mum, a fanatic of really good coffee and a seeker of silence and nature.